TESTIMONIALS (continued)


Cooper B., Missoula, MT


Billy was amazing. Personal and professional, he made the process as easy as could be. Only showed us homes that met our criteria and budget, and we were always able to get ahold of him for any questions we had and was always looking out for our best interests. Once we decided on a home he would update us through the process and kept us in the loop. I have recommended him to my friends and I know they will get the same amazing treatment as we did. We would highly recommend Billy


Brian R., Missoula, MT


My wife and myself were moving to Arizona and we had a high end home in Grant Creek. We needed a knowledgeable realtor that we felt could get us a fair price. Billy with his extensive knowledge of the market and the real estate principals were just what we needed. He went above and beyond to meet our needs and concerns. I would highly recommend Billy for any transaction in real estate.


Mark J., Missoula, MT


Billy helped us immensely when we needed to move quickly on the sale of my parents’ house after my father passed suddenly and we needed to place my mother in a nursing home. His appraisal of the house and market comparisons were professionally done and helped us move forward with confidence in the sale. Thank you Billy!


Joe H., Missoula, MT                                                                                                                                                  


Billy has helped me with my last two homes. I would use Billy again in a heartbeat. I had no doubt he had my family's best interest at heart. Billy took the time to get to know us and what we our goals were for selling one home and buying another. His knowledge of the Missoula area was not only invaluable to deciding where to look but also what to pay.

Rod F., Anaconda MT

From a person who lived in one place for almost 50 years, and have now moves 3 times in the past 10 years, I can confidently say that having the services of Billy Crittenden to shepherd me through the transactions has been a God send. Billy handled the sale of 2 homes and the purchase of 2. Locations included Missoula proper, the Bitter Root Valley, and finally our present home in the Anaconda area. I can say with total confidence that Billy knows the markets, understands the process and has always had our best interest at heart, whether representing us as a buyer or seller. Either of those transactions will present challenges and stress, but Billy's expertise and attention to detail gave us the assurance that decisions we made were the right thing for us to do. The sale or purchase of a home will always have hiccups if not roadblocks...I wouldn't even attempt the process without knowing that Billy Crittenden was by my side helping me through the system. We can't thank him enough for his professionalism and friendship!

Debbie Bickerton, Missoula, MT

I was moving back to Missoula after being gone for 5 years. I knew I wanted to get a home by my mom in Pleasant View. I wasn't expecting to need a home for another 4 months, but wanted to start looking. Although it was early, Billy was still very willing to help. I started asking about various properties, but Billy said everything I was looking at was still showing in the general Missoula Property searches, but were actually already pending sales. He directed me to his website in which I could input the features I wanted and it would show me properties that were still available and also e-mail me whenever a new one was put on the MLS. Again, I was looking early, but Billy was more than willing to go out with my mom and look at properties that I thought I might like by the pictures on the internet. After two weeks I was getting a little worried, but he just kept saying we would find something. He even said if nothing came up in the next couple weeks he would put flyers on the doors in the neighborhood I want to see if there was someone that might want to sell. It was a Friday night, I pulled up my e-mails about 9:00 and saw there was one from Billy's automated system. It had been listed that day. It was absolutely perfect! Three blocks from my mom, one more bedroom than I said I wanted, and half bath more than I wanted. He graciously took a phone call from my mom late at night to arrange looking at the home the next morning. After looking at the home he and my mom both agreed it was perfect for me. He worked with me long distance over the phone, e-mailing stuff back and forth to get an offer in that afternoon. I was competing against another offer. I wanted to be aggressive, but Billy reigned me in saying I didn't want to offer too much because a Seller was never going to say I gave too much. Billy's advice was spot on, I got the house at the price Billy suggested. If you want someone who is great at finding properties, very good at knowing what a seller wants and ending up being your friend, then you want Billy.

A. Pearce, Missoula, MT

I recently bought my first home for my family. With out Billy's guidance the process would have been over whelming! He was extremely organized and prepared us well for every step. He helped us to know what to expect at every turn. His years of experience and knowledge of the market helped us to find the home that fit our family the best. He is genuine and truly cares that you find the home that fits you best. He went the extra mile and made multiple phone calls on our behalf, do to my odd work hours that prevented me from doing it my self, to help us secure the home we currently live in. We are blessed and so thankful for Billy and all of the hard work he did for us!

Matt Muir, Missoula, Mt.

Buying a home can be one of the most stressful events in anyone’s life, and moving is no exception. Having been through this struggle several times, I wanted the best in the business. While shopping for a realtor; one name continued to come to the fore front-- Billy Crittenden. His attention to detail and genuine care for his clients set him apart from the beginning. He kept both my wife and I well informed throughout the process. And his relaxed professional nature made even difficult negotiations seem to pass without note. His knowledge of the market and local trends provided a competitive platform for purchasing our home while still providing a fair balance to the sellers. We love our dream home and don't ever plan leaving but should we ever decide to sell, Billy will be the first person I will contact. Thanks Billy for all the great work!

Caleb Burk, Missoula, Mt.

Mr. Crittenden has proven to be an excellent real estate agent and extremely helpful to my wife and I on our search for a new house. He has taken pain staking effort to watch the market for any new listings and to do the necessary research to find out what may or may not be a good buy for us. He has proven to be very relatable, caring, and trust worthy. I would recommend him highly to anyone who my be considering him as their agent!